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ICO Hour Ltd
Our Investment: $35
ROI: $31.33 ( 89.51% )
Last paid: 14 Dec,2017
Hyip Monitored: 382 Days
Min Hyip Deposit : $5
Max Deposit: $50000
Referral: 6%-2%
Withdrawal: instant

1.75% - 10% hourly for 24 - 60 hours.
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Welcome to the world of cryptocurrency trading! ICO Hour Limited is a trading firm legally registered in the United Kingdom. It was founded by an elite team of machine learning traders. They have years of experience of applying artificial intelligence technique to stock market tradings. Initial Coin Offering is the new form of fund raising for Blockchain startups. The total fund raised has surpassed all venture capital funding combined in 2017. Our team has designed an award winning trading system to capitalize on this market. Our system has built in algorithm to collect and analyze data from every ICO offerings on the market. And it is connected to major cryptocurrency exchanges around the globe,placing trading orders once well tested patterns are recognized. Consistent profits are produced day in and day out as the system is able to profit from the extreme volatility of ICOs. Our system is a long/short fund, meaning it is able to extract profit from the market no matter it's rising or falling. In addition to generate consistent returns, we have the best risk management system in place to ensure that all our members could enjoy stable returns in safe way. Join us, build your wealth on ICO trading!
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03 Dec,2017 - 02:32:32
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